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Setup a PDF Form content type

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Create the Site Content Type

Open your SharePoint site.
Click Site Actions, Site Settings, under the Galleries heading, click Site Content Types.
The Site Content Type Gallery page appears.
1 - Site Content Types.PNG

Click Create.
The Create Site Content Type page appears.
2 - Content Type Parms.PNG

  • In the Name field, enter Name of the PDF form (e.g. "My PDF Form" or "IRS W-2").
  • In the Description field, enter A short description of the PDF form.
  • In the Select parent content type from dropdown, select Bubble Up.
  • In the Parent Content Type, select PDF Form.
  • In the Group section, select the radio button New Group
  • In the Group name text box, enter PDF Forms.
  • Click OK.
Your site content type is created, and the Site Content Type Gallery is displayed.
3 - Content Type Information.PNG

Click Advanced Settings.
The Advanced Settings page appears.
4 - Advanced Settings.PNG

Click the radio button for Upload a new document type:
Click Browse, select your PDF form, and then click Open.
Click OK.
5 - Upload template.PNG

Select the fields to be bubbled up

Click Site Actions, Site Settings, under the Galleries heading, click PDF Forms and Promoted Fields.
6 - PDF Forms.PNG

Click the PDF Form to be managed.
The PDF Form's information page is displayed.
7 - PDF Form.PNG

Click Manage Promoted Properties.
The PDF Form's Properties page is displayed.
8 - PDF Form Fields.PNG

Click the checkbox beside each field to be promoted.
Click Update.

Create Calculated Fields

The fields in PDF Forms can have very long names. Instead of using those names, use SharePoint calculated columns to place the values into column names that are more meaningful. Below are the steps to take a bubbled up field and put it into a calculated field.

Click Site Actions | Site Settings | Site Content Types
Click your PDF Form

Click create a new site column
Enter the column name
Click the radio button "Calculated"
In the formula text box, enter the formula for the PDF Form field.
Click OK.

Add the content type to a document library

Note: To add a content type to a document library, content type management will first need to be turned ON.
This can be done by going to the document library's settings, click Advanced Settings, then clicking Yes.
9 - Turn on Content Type Mgmt.PNG

To add your PDF Form's Site Content Type to a document library,
Go to the document library's settings page.
Click Add from existing site content types
In the dropdown, select "PDF Forms"
In the listbox, click your PDF Form, then click Add.
Click OK.
10 - Add Content Type.PNG

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